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KISSsys is a complete system of machine elements can be depicted. It combines kinematic analysis, lifetime calculation, 3D graphics and user defined tables / dialogues with a programming language.

The machine elements calculated range from gears, shafts, bearings, shaft-hub connections to bolts in very little time to compare different variants of a concept. There are special features:

  • Calculation of load spectra for all machine elements included in the model
  • Use variants of a gearbox in the same KISSSYS model
  • Perform sensitivity analysis automatically
  • Automatically generate documentation for a complete gearbox analysis
  • Use scripting language for automatization of routine tasks
  • Interface to KISSSOFT


KISSsys is a program for managing calculations. It supplies the overall view for a system of machine elements, and thus it increases the efficiency and the safety of calculation and calculation review. KISSsys can be used in many different ways:

design and development

Design and development

It can be used for sizing and calculation review because the correct outer parameters flow into a machine element calculation.

catalogue calculations

Catalogue calculations

The work can be significantly accelerated and designed more reliably, if a catalogue with performance data will be created for a series.



Products with rigorous technical specifications often require sales personnel to execute basic calculations at the customer's site, which can facilitate a preliminary decision.

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